Dr. Lutz W. Höppel


Dr. Lutz W. Höppel (* 24.03.1973 in Nuremberg) is a German physicist, inventor, and visionary.

He grew up in an entrepreneur’s family as younger twin.





He studied physics at the Technical University of Munich where he graduated in 1998 on “Optical investigations of Silicon-Siloxene hetero-structures”.

In 2000 he joined the Klaus von Klitzing Department at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart where he received his PhD in 2004 for the exploration of “Quantum Phase Transitions in single layer and bilayer Quantum Hall ferromagnets”.





After his PhD he started a career in industry working for an international leading company in the opto-electronics business, holding various positions in different countries. He is a renown expert in his field.





Already during his Master Thesis he could explain, with the help of lattice dynamics simulations using Cerius2, the reason for the anomalous phonon energies in Siloxene which set a puzzling challenge for researches for almost ten years. In particular, he recognized for the first time the strong relation to the surface vibrations in silicon well known as Ibach modes. Furthermore, by loose stacking of single atom layers to suppress interactions he invented a method to enhance the determination of surface induced vibration modes with a more than three orders of magnitude higher sensitivity than known from EELS for decades. Derived from that, he proposed to extend this method to other material classes, with one of them being today’s well known graphene.


In his PhD thesis he discovered that the finite vertical extension of a two-dimensional electron gas, something that he managed to control precisely with a wide quantum well (originally introduced at Princeton University) gated from both sides, determines the critical charge carrier density for the spin phase transition at filling factor v=2/3. He also investigated the pseudo-spin phase transition at v=1/2 supported by modeling from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In very narrow quantum wells he discovered spontaneous jumps in the longitudinal resistance when the system is tuned close to a spin phase transition very similar to Barkhausen Jumps in magnetic media. In parallel, he built a setup that allowed for unprecedented operation of samples in the GHz frequency range at lowest temperatures. This technique finally led to the measurement of the dispersion of the Composite-Fermion cyclotron-resonance mode and thus the proof of the magneto-roton minima.





During his carrier in industry he inspired and conducted a lot of pioneering science and technology related work and drew many conclusions from research results thereof that proved to be fundamental for superior future concepts.

Based on the know-how gathered during the introduction of a comprehensive benchmarking process, he co-invented the ultimate implementation of a thin-film type LED chip. He also established the reliable basis for the most cost-effective LED chip platform that could be imagined today, and he shaped the third fundamental chip platform that is possible at all in case a two-terminal device. Recently, he introduced fundamentally new technologies to realize III-V semiconductor-based visualization devices. During all such developments he clearly aims for effective understanding of scientific phenomena, allowing for a deterministic exploitation of physical principles, the ultimate guarantee for ultimate precision and quality. He could widely prove his strong believe, that in particular material science in its best sense leads to sustainable success.





He is always inspired to rethink the present state of things with the idea to attain completely new possibilities and functionalities throughout all areas of life. Stimulated by this impetus he innovated and invented specific aspects across many fields of science and technologies. His goal is always creating values.



Track record


He holds over 141 granted patents.

He has been invited to more than 65 talks.

He published 21 papers in refereed journals.

He is a winner of 4 renown awards.





In many ways he is years ahead of certain developments not just related to science and technology.

Besides his ground breaking research activities he is always interested in inspiring colleagues predominantly by clear and conceptional explanation of background stories related to historical and present developments. Based on that, it is his true passion to survey global developments, draw unmistakable conclusions and make consistent predictions for the near and far future. He did so with high success rate for many technology related as well as socio-economic fields:

1985  Gaming strong driver for high definition video graphics and 3D visualization  >> Reality in mid 1990s

1986  Accidental opening of boarders between East- and West-Germany will soon lead to unification  >> Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/90

1987  On-board video supported remote controlled model air planes  >> Reality 2012, known as mini drones

1993  Public debit heavy risk for nation-wide and even global crises  >> Reality in 2008

1994  Artificial intelligence and machine learning will outperform human skills  >> the Go master has been beaten for the first time by a machine in 2017

1995  China will become economically most powerful country in the world  >> Reality soon

1996  Energiewende - almost 100% of all energy consumption covered by regenerative power generation in 2050  >> Goal committed in 2011

1997  Smart mobile device that allows access to all information and personal data anywhere at any time  >> Today known as the smart phone

2000  Quantum computation will one day outperform classical computation for some special tasks  >> Demonstrated by Google, published in Nature in 2019

2001  Greek first country to have trouble with the Euro  >> Reality in 2009

2002  Social networks – heavily changing inter-personal exchange  >> Founding member of Kwick, many years ahead of Facebook

2006  Burst of the real estate bubble in the USA  >> Reality in late 2008

2007  Takeover of solid state based storage media over magneto-optical storage types  >> Reality in 2013

… and many more…





Open minded, to be there for others, reliability, keeping promises, sincerity, and respect are not just hollow words to him. He is always eager to tackle the highest challenges and support those that are willing to participate.





Science at the forefront of physics

Extreme sports in particular mogul skiing

High fidelity live music





Exemplary collection of links to scientific institutions around the globe to which he fosters relations (in alphabetical order):



Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology Australia

Columbia University New York


ETH Zürich

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

German Physical Society DPG Physik Bad Honnef

German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence DFKI

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

IBM Rüschlikon & IBM Almaden

IMEC Belgium


Institut für Halbleiter Physik IHP


JILA – University of Colorado Boulder

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

Leti Grenoble

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT


Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics

Moscow Science Park

Paul Scherrer Institute PSI

Princeton University

Purdue University West Lafayette

Singapore Science Park

ST Microelectronics

Taiwan Science and Industrial Park

Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge Labs (UK)


Universität Stuttgart

University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Santa Barbara UCSB

University of California at Stanford

University of Edinburgh

University of Hamburg

University of Notre Dame

University of Wisconsin Madison








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